So Sorry.

Posted by Michelle on May 21st, 2013 . Filed under: Cards, Paper Smooches, Sympathy .

This card makes me think of my hair appointment last night.  I always get sassy with my hairdresser.  Been with her for 15 years.  You gotta have a good rapport with your hairdresser, don’t you think?  So I get there and she says “so what color are we doing this time?”  Yes, I color my hair.  I refuse to go gray.  I only have ONE gray hair, thank you very much, but you will never ever ever see it.  I WILL be the old lady with the blue, pink or purple hair.  Guaranteed.  Anyway.  So lately I have been going brown which is my natural color, so that I can be lazy and let it grow out and when the roots start to show, you can’t really tell because it’s dang close to my original color.  Sounds kinda dumb, but I am covering up the one gray, people.  ANYWAYZzzz.  So I say “how about that brown right there…and then maybe put some glittery sparkles in it.”  Totally kidding on the glittery sparkles.  So she puts my brown on, I go read Oprah, and then she calls me back and starts doing the foil thing on me.

BKwdKCvCMAEm8HS.jpg large

Yes, I totally just posted a photo of myself, but it’s the closest you’ll ever see to my fat-ass because internet haters gonna hate 😉

But yeah, I go back over for the foil treatment and I’m like, “what are you doing?”  And she says “putting highlights in, you said you wanted highlights…”  No I didn’t, I was kidding about wanting glittery sparkles in it.  We laughed.  She finished the highlights – since she’d already started.  And then gave me a can of Being Sexy Glitter Hairspray.  Hilarious.


OK, so the card.  A sympathy card with silver sparkly paper?  I think yes.


Have a great week!

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