Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on June 2nd, 2013 . Filed under: Couponing .

Lots to share today, so let’s get movin’.  Some double and some not double coupon shopping at the Walmart.

Free carrots, and free burritos.  No doubling here.
Earthbound Farm Organic puts out a coupon every week.  And it’s either 75-cents or $1 off ANY of their products, so I always use it on the 74-cent carrot bags because they are free and sometimes a moneymaker even without doubling.  I don’t care for cooked carrots, but in the pan with a little butter and brown sugar and my kids eat these up.  And the burritos were a $1 off ANY product and these burritos were $1 = FREE.

002 copy

No doubling here either.  It’s pork & bean season, y’all!  They were priced at 50-cents and the coupon was for 40-cents off, so these were 10-cents each.  These French’s flavor infuser things I bought for my husband for his birthday in May.  $1.50, had 75-cent off coupons, so 75-cents each for a little gift.  Made 16-cents per pack on the Frosting Creations, and the coffees were moneymakers too ($1 each, had coupons for $1.50 off ANY Folgers item).

003 copy

Totally free with double coupons.

053 copy

Sara Lee be tryin’ to pick up where Hostess left off.  They did not compare to Hostess products.  The chocolate has this odd bitter dark kinda not good taste.  But for 97-cents each doubling coupons, yes, I bought a bunch of them.  I’m an emotional eater, what can I say?  Don’t hate.  Chips Ahoy were $1, popcorn was 18-cents, and the Hershey bars were not a great deal, but I did have a coupon to save something on them – very necessary for our many weekends camping in the summer.

033 copy

All free.  And those Poise wipe things are supposed to be for hot flashes.  I ain’t that old yet.  My husband was like, where do you wipe with them?  LOL  But I found a use for them.  We put them out in the trailer and when we go camping we use them to wipe down the bathroom just for some added cleanse.  I realize there is no soap in them, but a little moist toilette kinda action keeps things cleaner.

011 copy

97-cent Garniers and the rest was all free.

044 copy

My stockpile is outta control.  We are tackling it this weekend because we want to have a good garage sale this summer and we have bags of groceries here and there that have not been shelved.
Have a great Sunday!

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