Adventures in Couponing – Albertsons.

Posted by Michelle on May 26th, 2013 . Filed under: Couponing .

Greetings from the mountains!  We’re camping up in Cascade (Idaho) this weekend.  It’s a little cool up here, but that doesn’t stop the littles from fishing, and riding their bikes, and wading in the water.  {sigh} to be a kid again….


On the coupon front, today we’ve got the last of our double couponing adventures at Albertsons.  ….wah wah 🙁 …  Albertsons was sold and the new owners don’t believe in the whole double-couponing thing.  So I am guessing they are going to be believin’ in the whole less-traffic a their stores thing.  Just my opinion.  So this is what I got that last weekend.

Post cereals were on sale for $1.88, doubled 70-cent coupons and paid 48-cents for a box of cereal. Ken’s dressings were on sale for $1 each, doubled $1-off-2 and got those for free.

076 copy

Mt. Olive peppers were on sale for $1.59, doubled 75-cents and got these for 9-cents each.  And then some Easter napkins on clearance for 10-cents each.

006 copy

I placed a special order for the Big Cup of Noodles when I knew the sale was coming.  They were 50-cents each, and I doubled $1-off-4 which made these all free too.

038 copy

Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend!

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  1. Marybeth

    The camping looks beautiful and sounds fun! Bummer about no more doubles!

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