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I’m the soccer team cupcake mom.  I made cupcakes for end-of-year parties before, and this time they asked me to make them.  What’s more is that the team mom sent this out in an e-mail:  Kayleigh’s mom is making her awesome cupcakes and I have the water bottles filled with candy for the girls.  Yeah, no pressure, lady!  Don’t get me wrong, I love making cupcakes.  And I love decorating them.  And I am totally flattered that she asked me to make them again.  But I feel like I have to keep topping myself.  And last year I made some Oreo cupcakes with an Oreo at the bottom – oooooh they were gooooood, and very well-received.  So, this is how I topped myself this season.

Cupcakes.  Basic white recipe with orange jimmies added to the batter.

010 copy

Buttercream frosting.

016 copy

Plain cake donuts.

044 copy

Oh yes, I did.

059 copy

They may not taste better than my Oreo cupcakes, but we’re going for the wow-factor this time 😉

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  1. Dana

    These look FANTASTIC Michelle! Way to outdo yourself:) Love the matching liners! Now if that frosting was orange creamsicle I would SO be all over those babies (even if I don’t like donuts)!
    I am known as the cupcake mom too…and it can be really tiring at times, but in the end it’s fun and the kids and families enjoy them. The difficult part for me is that I usually have to make three different kinds (Gluten free, egg-free, and dairy free) for all the food sensitivities in my son’s school/track team/band/etc. *sigh*

  2. Rebecca J.

    You are crazy….in a super awesome soccer mom kind of way! Cupcakes or donuts would have been awesome by themselves. BUT TOGETHER! Wow! What a cool thing to do for the team.

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