Birthday Gift Sacks.

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I love paper bags.  There’s something so rustic and old school and warm about them, don’t you think?  And if you’ve been around my blog once or twice, you’ve probably seen an embellished gift bag or two (hundred).  Right up there with cardmaking for me is making my little bags.

Summer is here and that means we are camping almost every weekend.  So I packed up my craft bag and hit the road.  I planned on making a set of birthday gift bags – to give as a birthday gift.  I packed my ink and stamps and adhesive, different May Arts ribbon and string, remnant paper pads, and of course, my little paper bags.

035 copy

Oh, and my Big Shot and some dies.

042 copy

And I cut bunches.  Such a pretty pile.

052 copy

I had everything I needed – except for the stamping block.  Gah!  So frustrating.  So I had to finish the project at home.

002 copy

Stampy stampy….gluey gluey….

007 copy

…and tiey tiey.  Everything sounds cuter with an eeee sound at the end, no?

011 copy

And here is my pretty set of bags.

020 copy


023 copy


025 copy

030 copy

And masculine.

033 copy

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