Another Bake Sale.

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Happy Monday!
We’re leaving for vacation this coming Saturday, and the littles wanted one last chance to make some spending money for the trip.  They had a little iPod accident wherein they were fighting over my daughter’s iPod (but my son has his own, so not sure why he wanted hers?) and broke the face.  My son’s vacation stash was left with about $17 – my daughter always seems to have more money than him, so it didn’t impact her as much – after getting the iPod replaced.  So they asked if they could have another bake sale to make some extra cash.

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I made some some chocolatey caramel corn.  Translation: a lot more chocolate than caramel.  Super easy to make with no recipe.
Microwave popcorn, melt caramels, melt chocolate bars, toss in some leftover Chips Ahoy cookies and some mini m&ms, let cool.  Done.

photo copy

Package up in little plastic baggies tied off with some orange Divine Twine from Whisker Graphics.

009 copy

030 copy

I made some cupcakes too, and opened up some bags of Jolly Ranchers and put them in a jar with a little tag made from an orange polka dot little bitty bag from Whisker Graphics tied off with some lemon Divine Twine.

019 copy

I think they made about $13 each.  Not bad for a few hours work.  And it kept them out of trouble for a bit too 😉

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  1. Kristin @ Celebrate the Goodness

    I love that your kids are willing to do a little work for their money! Hopefully, you’ll get the package I sent you before you leave! By the way, those cupcakes look yummy!! Hope you are doing well, Kristin

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