Road Trip.

Posted by Michelle on June 29th, 2013 . Filed under: Personal .

Vacation is here *woop woop*
I don’t fly….and it’s so expensive anyway…so we do a lottttt of road trips.  And today starts a big one for us.


From Boise to Wyoming….to Nebraska and then to Kansas City….and then to St. Louis and Memphis….then New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas….Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah…and then back.  *whew*  We’ve got a lot of neat things planned like Graceland, going to the places where Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Kennedy were shot, the mint of/in one of the states, the Oklahoma City Memorial, a boat trip of some kind in Texas, 4th of July in New Orleans, taking the kids to see where my grandfather lived in Mississippi (my maiden name is still on the mailbox even though the house is abandoned), and taking the kids to the cemetery where my dad is buried.
Busy, long, educational, emotional, but all good things.

If you’re interested in hearing about our trip, you can follow me on Twitter.
And!  I finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, so you can follow me there.  Someone else had my name – what the heck?  So my name there is michellerphilippi (with an R in the middle).

Hoping for nice weather, and safe travels.

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  1. terriavidreader

    wishing you a safe and fun filled holiday travel!

  2. Jessie McLaughlin

    Have a fabulous trip Michelle! I do not twitter but I do instagram! Looking forwards to seeing your trip! I am looking forward to vacation not nearly as exciting as yours!!

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