Posted by Michelle on September 19th, 2013 . Filed under: Cards, Simple Stories .

Oh Daniel.  That kid.  He’s so lovey and smart and sweet.  But man he drives me batty.  He’s been in school all of what, 16 days or something, and he’s already gotten 6 tardies!  Same teacher.  (Not sure if that means something.)  But he just can’t seem to get to her class on time.  So we’re working with his advisor to see how we can get him better prepared for the next class so that he doesn’t have to stop at his locker and lose time there.  Oh, and she told me this morning that he needs pencils.  That he’s using a loner from a teacher – the tardy teacher.  Perfect.  Banging my head on the wall.  We only bought him what, 1000 pencils?  And he is using a loner from the teacher whose radar he’s already on.  Awesome.  So yeah.  That’s my kid.  And he’s the greatest.  Really.  Wouldn’t change a thing about him.  Except maybe get him a little more organized at school.  But I think that’s all part of growing up and going to junior high.  We just need to get him going the right direction so that these extra things don’t impact his academics.

What about you?  New school year being good to you and your littles?


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