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Posted by Michelle on November 5th, 2013 . Filed under: American Crafts, Cards, Published Work .

Is it fall where you are?  It definitely has turned here.  We had our first dusting of snow on Sunday morning.  Being originally from California, I have always said that if it’s going to be bitter cold here, it dang well better snow.  No sense in having freezing temperatures and nothing to show for it.  It’s getting down there though, and I welcome any and all snow…and rain too.  As most of you know, I’m super cheap frugal, and I’ve been holding off putting the heater on because of the crazy bill that will come a few weeks later.  The longer I put if off, the more money I have in my pocket.  We’re all snuggling up around here in flannel jammies, sweats and sweatshirts, and fuzzy socks.  But I’m thinking the nights and mornings of no heater are going to end soon.  Hopefully the snuggles are here to stay though.

Anywhozzles, today I’m sharing a card that I had published in the August issue of CARDs magazine.  This is one of those cards that went south on me while in the making, but then I reigned it back in and was able to make it work out in the end.  I love that doily snippet – I had seen Lea Lawson do this on some of her cards, and I had to try it.




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