Fried Green Tomatoes.

Posted by Michelle on October 28th, 2013 . Filed under: Food .

Somebody brought in an abundance of green tomatoes to the office today.

photo 21

I brought a bunch home.

photo 11

And I sliced ’em up, and salted them.

photo 31

And made a quick breading of corn muffin mix, sesame seeds, basil, garlic powder, and salt.

photo 4

Mixed up some eggs and milk.

photo 1

And fried those puppies up in butter and corn oil.
Sound effects can be found on this short video HERE.

photo 2

And then I ate an entire plate full.  (Dipped ’em in ranch dressing.)

photo 3

And now I have a tummy ache.  Goodbye.

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  1. Dawn Easton

    hmmmm sounds good!!! LOL I’d probably getting a tummy ache too!

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