Confetti Bags for the Thanksgiving table.

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Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you have an abundant number of things to be thankful for today, and that you get time to celebrate them.
As for me, I’m tired.  And I’m crazy.  We were at a 24-hour Walgreens at midnight.  But the register with the new prices didn’t turn until 12:50am, so we had to just hang out at Walgreens – LOL  And then the kids were hungry – hey, we weren’t going to leave them home alone LOL – so we went to McDonald’s for Chicken McNuggets and hash browns, and were home and in bed at 2am.  Then we had to get up and be at the 8am Walgreens’ – 4 of them.  And then there’s that whole having to clean the house and make a turkey thing too.  Yup.  I would say I’m stalling as I am sitting here typing up this post – heh.

067 copy

I wanted to make use of this Autumn Spice paper pack from Lily Bee that I bought but wasn’t particularly inspired to make cards with.  So I pulled together some punches and decided to make some confetti bags.  Truth be told, I had no idea what the confetti bags would be for, but decided last night that they should got on the Thanksgiving table with some candy corns spread around for more of a fun look as opposed to all fancy-schmancy which doesn’t quite represent us.

003 copy

A lot of punching.  I think little punches are the cutest thing.

009 copy

015 copy

020 copy

This picture makes me happy happy happy.

033 copy

All bagged up in little glassine bags.

037 copy

Sprinkled in some Martha Stewart tinsel glitter that I asked for and never ever use.  (Good thing I didn’t buy it myself  ;))

042 copy

Finished off with some tickets and pennant stickers.

048 copy

049 copy

And now we just need to clean, vacuum, bring in the table, put a table cloth on it, and set these out.
Enjoy your day!

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