Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on December 1st, 2013 . Filed under: Couponing .

I’m still couponing, I’ve just be a little slack in posting my adventures here on the blog because Santa’s Workshop has taken over the table where I normally take my pictures.  But I’ve got a few things to share today.

This morning we went to Walgreens to score some free stuff.  The mouthwash was $3.99 get $3 back.  I had a $1 coupon, so I paid $2.99 and got $3 back on each one.  The Ghirardellis were $3 each, I had a $2 coupon, so that made them $1 each, but I paid with Register Rewards from my Thanksgiving crazy, so they were free as well.  The hair clips were $2 get $2 back.  And the Snickers were 2 for $1, and I had coupons for $1 off 2 = free also.

004 copy

I mentioned my Thanksgiving crazy.  I did this last year.  And maybe the year before, I don’t remember?  But Walgreens puts out a Thanksgiving Day, Friday and Saturday ad that has a tonnnnn of free stuff in it.  And on top of that you can use a coupon on some things – if you have them – and you can actually make money and use the extra to buy things that aren’t free but are still a really great deal and then they end up being free to you.

So Midnight on Thanksgiving Day (like late Wednesday), the 4 of us piled in to the car and headed down to the 24-hour Walgreens.  You can do 3 transactions each, so I did 3 and my husband did 3, and my kids started out helping and ended up running around the store with the other coupon mamma crazy kids that were there.  The register with the new prices didn’t turn until 12:50, so even though we were done by like 12:15, we had to stand in line that whole time.  Hence the kids running around the store.

Totally worth it because we got all this free that night.  Better than free actually because we had coupons for the toothpaste which made them a 50-cent moneymaker, and coupons on the toothbrushes that made them a $1.50 moneymaker, so that money went for the brushes and Crayola and that ESPN whatever thing that my son wanted.

photo222 copy

Then on Thanksgiving morning, my daughter and I hit 4 more Walgreens’ and brought this bounty home.
Also, starting at 9am, free Redbox rentals printed out with each transaction.  I think I ended up with 7 of them.  So another bonus!

photo2 copy

In other news, do you have a Kroger store in your market?  We do, we have Fred Meyer.  Well they offer 1 free item on their site every Friday via digital coupons.  You have to load it to your store card, and then the price comes off when you buy the item.  These are a couple of things I got free there recently.



And this is what it looks like on your phone.  Just bring it up and see what you’ve got to use on your card.


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  1. Michele aka Derbylea

    These are always my favorite posts! Your massive savings always leaves me in awe (as I pay full price for cereal cause I just can’t get my crap together).

  2. Dana

    Holy crap Michelle! You must be the most amazing shopper ever. I am in desperate need of hair bands but I refuse to pay what they cost, so I just keep using the free rubber bands that come on my mail bundles occasionally. Ouch.
    I need some lessons from you for sure.And where do you live that there are FOUR Walgreens near you? I honestly don’t know where the closest one to me is, but I have to drive an hour away just to get to my favorite grocery store and I’ve not seen a Walgreens around there.

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