Baby cards.

Posted by Michelle on January 7th, 2014 . Filed under: Baby, Cards, Design Team Work, Imaginisce .

My first assignment as part of the Imaginisce Design Team was to make something from my scraps.  And I had this little pile left over from when I made the gift of gift tags the other day.  I had a couple sheets of patterned paper that I had already worked with, along with some American Crafts cardstock pieces, and some HAPPY diecuts from that same cardstock, so I decided to make some mini happy-new-baby cards.


Working with the cardstock that I had, I made these cards about 3.5×5.5, so a little odd size.  But that’s OK, right?


I adhered a block of patterned paper for my base, added a panel to the side which included that bottom patterned strip that comes on 12×12 patterned paper sheets, adhered my HAPPY, did a little faux stitching with a gel pen, added a cute lil’ cardstock shape diecut, and then finished it off with some staples.  A couple of baby cards done and in the stash just waiting for folks to have babies this year!


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