Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on February 9th, 2014 . Filed under: Couponing .

I’m back today to share another coupon adventure.  But first I wanted to share something about Fred Meyer’s (Kroger) digital coupons.  Every Friday they offer a coupon for a free item.  I usually get my produce and milk at Fred Meyer, and now my free item each week.  If you have one of their store cards, go to their site and add the free item every Friday.

FredMeyer copy

Next up is more of what I shared last week.  I sent my husband and my daughter to Walgreens yesterday – last day of the sale – and got more free stuff.  This was all free, including the candy that they got with the Register Rewards $.

006 copy

I don’t shop Rosauers all that often as I find them to be pretty pricey.  However they had a hot little coupon in their ad this week for 99-cent mayonnaise.  A great deal.  Even better when you stack it with a manufacturer coupon for 50-cents off and you score mayo for 49-cents!

photo 5 copy

003 copy

My daughter and I hit the Walmart this morning and snatched up this moneymaking deal.  $3.98, with $5-off coupons = $1.02 overage going to the rest of my order.  Times 4 = $4.08 of free grocery money.

photo 22 copy

009 copy

$1 off Wet N Wild, and they have a bunch of products for 93-cents = a teeny moneymaker.

photo 11 copy

photo 111 copy

014 copy

Oh, and I found 1 more Gold Bond lotion coupon for $1, this was 97-cents, so it was free too 🙂

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  1. Jessie McLaughlin

    I am coming to Bosie to have a lesson and see you coupon in your Hat!! I so need help!! Have a great week Michelle!!

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