Perfect Vacation.

Posted by Michelle on April 7th, 2014 . Filed under: Cards, Design Team Work, Imaginisce .

We went to Disneyland for Spring Break.
We’ve taken the kids twice, and they don’t remember it, so taking them at ages 9 and 11 was just perfect.  And a lot more fun for us when we don’t have to worry about strollers, naps, and being afraid of Goofy – LOL.  Heck, we even got to sit while they ran off together without us.  It was a good time.  Better than good, actually.


My husband’s parents met us there, which was really fun for the kids.
So I’ve got a little card action for the kids to send to them which coordinates with the photo gift sack I made a while back.  All pieces (except the twine which is American Crafts) are from Imaginisce’s Perfect Vacation collection.

ImaginisceHappyVacation1 04072014

ImaginisceHappyVacation 2 04072014

ImaginisceHappyVacation3 04072014

3 Responses to Perfect Vacation.

  1. Jessie McLaughlin

    Cute cute Michelle!! So glad the trip went well! Love seeing your pictures!! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Dana

    Awww, I love their smiles. It sounds like you had a nice time and that makes any vacation better.
    I went to Disneyland as a 12 YO and a 16 YO. It was kinda a disappointment to me…seemed no better than 6 Flags, but at 16 I had my BFF with me, so we raised all kinds of goofy trouble *grin*
    Love your card with all the vibrant patterns and colors. The gem and twine are great additions.

  3. Lorraine

    Sounds like you had a blast! The kiddos look so happy! (We have yet to go – well, I’ve been, but my son hasn’t – he insists he doesn’t like rides – errrr…okay. hope he changes his mind…) Afraid of Goofy? LOL Your card is cool and so is the sack – I still don’t know how you sit and put everything together!

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