Adventures in Couponing.

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It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done one of my Sunday save posts.  I AM still couponing.  Just not as much as I used to.  I slowed down when things got crazy here with a lot of family drama goin’ on, and then I had/have some health issues goin’ on too.  And here recently my husband and I embarked on Whole30.  So that has really changed the way we shop and eat.  I am blogging every Monday during my Whole 30 over at Lemon Rain Drop if you’re interested.


But it is hard to resist a deal.  Like these La Brea Bakery baguettes (for the littles).  They were on sale for $1.99 at Albertons and there was a $2 coupon on Facebook, so these were free.

003 copy

Crystal Light is $2.19 a box, but 99-cents a box if you buy 10.  I bought 10, used coupons and got them down to 50-cents a box and am giving them to my mom for Mother’s Day.

011 copy

There was a $4 Almay coupon in the newspaper recently.  These items were buy 1 get one 1/2 price.  With the sale and coupons these should have been free at Walgreens but they gave me overage which was about $4 which I used to buy some treats for a birthday gift.

008 copy

Starting today, these deodorants are on sale BOGO, paired with coupons makes them 40-cents each.  I have plenty of deodorants in my stockpile, but my nephews are going to help us with some painting and I thought I’d give them a care package as thanks.  The toothpastes are on sale $3.99, pair with a $1.50 coupon and get $2.50 back making them free.  I will buy ANYTHING if it’s free.

017 copy

Walgreens also had Easter clearance.  Paper sacks were 6-cents each, and pencils & erasers were 24-cents a pack.  I thought instead of sending treats for the church class parties next year, I’ll send these.  And a random shirt for my daughter for $1.49.

013 copy

But you can’t beat Target on holiday clearance.  90%-off.  Now that my nephews have moved here, I need more baskets for next year – 15-cents each.

025 copy

The shiny Easter grass was 20-cents.  I’m actually putting that in our New Year’s box – I think it’ll be fun to throw that around outside when we’re going crazy at midnight.  20-cents a bag for those and only 5-cents a bag for the pastel ones.

018 copy

Big tissue eggs to decorate with were 60-cents each, themed eggs were 25-cents, and the plain eggs were 10-cents.

022 copy

I’ll catch you here tomorrow for a whole week of Mother’s Day cards!

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  1. Michele aka Derbylea

    Wow so much awesomness! I am especially in awe of the crystal light deal. Crazy good steal there.

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