Live in the Sunshine.

Posted by Michelle on July 3rd, 2014 . Filed under: American Crafts, Cards .

Oh sunshine.  You are so pretty.  But you make me sweat, you make me have to put my hair up, you make my clothes stick to me, and sometimes you even make my feet swell.  What kind of friend are you?!  Me thinks today will be a good day in the sunshine though.  It should be a whopping 7° cooler than it was yesterday.  The husband is off today and he and the boy are out geocaching.  My daughter got chores done and is already running around the ‘hood with her crew.  And as for me, it’s almost 10am and I pretty much have nothing to show for it.  Other than shopping online and sending smiles across the miles.  So I guess that’s something.

Anywhozzle.  Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are!

Sunshine1 02232014

Sunshine3 02232014

Sunshine2 02232014

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  1. Jessie McLaughlin

    Happy 4th Michelle to you and the family!! Hope all is well and the knee recovery is going well! Love love the card!!

  2. ~amy~

    Happy 4th! Hope it cools down for you…yesterday it literally dropped about 20 degrees!

    Such a fun card…love all the details and colors!

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