Sweet Grandpa.

Posted by Michelle on June 13th, 2014 . Filed under: Cards, Fancy Pants, Father's Day .

TGIF – and it’s Friday the 13th….ooooo, scaryyyyy….
I’ve actually had a pretty poopy week, so knowing today is Friday the 13th worries me just a tad.
Fingers crossed, and not stepping on any cracks just to be extra cautious 😉

I’ve got a Father’s Day card for the father-in-law from one of the kiddos to share with you today.
We’ll actually be seeing the in-laws next week when they come up for a visit, but just a few days after Father’s Day, so this and other cards and goodies are off in the mail.

More Father’s Day cards coming tomorrow and Sunday.
Be careful out there today!






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  1. ~amy~

    I didn’t actually put the date with the day of the week until I read your post! No worries, it’s FRIDAY!
    Love your fun card!

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