Happy Father’s Day.

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It’s Father’s Day.  Always a bittersweet day for me.  But I promise I only take but a few minutes to tear up thinking of my own father, and then I just enjoy and tear up out of happiness watching my children with their father.  And hearing my husband talk to his father.

My daughter has started cooking on her own now and has let us all know that she is making French toast for Father’s Day breakfast.  She said she clicked a wrong link in WikiHow and got to the French toast recipe and she is confident that she can make it all by herself.  I really love French toast, and I hope it’s delicious.  My son is preparing sausage patties and fruit.  I’m guessing the kids will be fighting over kitchen space at some point.  Or something will be burnt or raw.  One or the other.  But they are both going in to the day with really good intentions.  So that’s this morning.  We’ll work in the garden a bit, and then go to JC Penney as I have free $20 that expires today and I need to get some new curtains.  My mom is joining us for dinner where we’ll barbecue a tri-tip, enjoy baked potatoes with all the fixins, and a cake that my daughter and I will make.  There will also be a few presents, and of course, cards.

From me to my husband….




…from my husband to his father….






….and from my son to his father.
(My daughter insisted on making her own, so I’m excited to see that today as well.)




Have a really great Sunday.

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  1. Jessie McLaughlin

    Sending warm wishes to you! I know how Mother’s Day is for me. Love that your kids are cooking!! How great!! French toast sounds yummy!! Have a great day!!

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