Anniversary banner.

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Today I’m sharing a super easy, but totally fun banner that I had up on the Hazel & Ruby blog yesterday made in celebration of our wedding anniversary – 18 years this past Sunday xoxo  I’m kinda showing these in reverse order, but I made this banner first, and then made my husband’s anniversary gift bag with leftover pieces from this project.

I was going to say that handmade paper bows are all the rage right now, but when I was searching online for templates, some of them were more than 3 years old.  So I guess I missed the handmade paper bow beginnings, but I’m all about lovin’ them now.  I paired Hazel & Ruby’s Wrap it Up papers in Crazy for Chevy (in coral) and Full of Heart to make my bows.


Traced and cut just like we’re in grade school.


Make paper bow –
Take the two outer tabs on the loop piece, bend them to the center, and glue them down.  (Normally I would glue down the center, but because I was going to run these through the sewing machine, I just dabbed a little adhesive on the back of each wing to adhere it to the bottom layer.)
Layer the loops piece on top of the tails and dab a little adhesive on the back side, just enough to keep it loosely in place.


Ohhhh pretty paper bows!  Love.
Note:  paper bow templates come with a little strip to adhere in the middle to give the bow that finished look.  I didn’t do that because I was going to stitch these vertically.  And then I ended up stitching horizontally and wishing I had the tab there.  Ah well, next time 😉


Look around your craft stash, and your house, and see what papery you can match with.  I am partial to doilies and cupcake papers – easy to run through the sewing machine, they are good size, and I always have them.  And my son punched some little hearts out of an old book.


And then I just ran my pieces through the sewing machine.  Sew easy.  har har
I used to punch holes and thread banners, but if you have paper items, or things that can go through the sewing machine, it’s way easier, and less time-consuming.







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  1. ~amy~

    How fun! Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. DIANA L.

    Happy Anniversary!!! have a great day love the banner
    Have a Blessed day, DIANA L.

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