Halloween Wood Slice.

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Today I’m sharing a Halloween Wood Slice that I made and had up on the Hazel & Ruby blog last week.


I am all about the upcycle, recycle, newscycle, unicycle, whatever cycle we’re talkin’ about, I’m all over it.  And I had seen these fun projects made from a wood slice and mentioned it to my husband, and he told me we had one out in the miscellaneous wood pile.  So my son lugged it in, and off I went!


Step 1:  Cover wood slice with Mod Podge.


Step 2:  Adhere Hazel & Ruby’s Pass the Tissue paper in Ephemera Collage.


Step 3:  Apply another coat of Mod Podge.


Step 4:  Trim the excess paper, and then take a craft file and file around the edges leaving some of the wood exposed.


Step 5:  Lay down Hazel & Ruby’s La Patessiere Alpha stencils spelling out Happy Halloween.


Step 6:  Drop some black ink on top of letters and tissue.  (I just used some black ink that I would use to re-ink an ink pad.)
Take a baby wipe and rub the ink all around the paper and over the stencils.  Wipe around, and then wipe up until you have enough of the tissue paper pattern showing through.


Step 7:  Remove your stencil letters.


Step 8:  Outline letters with a silver metallic Sharpie. And then spray some glitter mist.
(I also faux-stitched around the edge of the piece with the silver metallic Sharpie.)


Step 9:  Make a fun little badge or tag, and glue on with a hot glue gun.


Keep your finished piece inside your house for the season of tricks and treats, and then put it outside closer to Halloween.  Just because of the badge that’s on there I don’t want the cold or dew or potential rain to mess it up before Halloween.


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  1. Jessie

    love it Michelle!! What a cool idea! Would love to do something like that for Christmas. Going to be on the look out for wood now!!

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