Upcycled Box Top.

Posted by Michelle on April 28th, 2015 . Filed under: Design Team Work, Hazel & Ruby .

I found this random box top laying on top of the recycle bin at the office.
It’s about 7″x9″ and because it has that inner part I was thinking I could use it for something.

HR Gold Trinket Box 1 04112015

I secured the edges with some Scotch tape.

HR Gold Trinket Box 2 04112015

And decided to cover it in Hazel & Ruby’s Golden Dot DIY Decor Tape.

HR Gold Trinket Box 3 04112015

HR Gold Trinket Box 4 04112015

And now it’s sitting on my desk housing all those random things that clutter up the place.

HR Gold Trinket Box 6 04112015

What have you upcycled lately?  Leave me a link, I’d love to see it!

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