Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on May 3rd, 2015 . Filed under: Couponing, Swagbucks .

I’m back today with some couponing and savings that we scored this week.  So let’s roll.
I saw a 95-cent Little Debbie’s coupon in the Sunday newspaper a few weeks ago and knew that it would make these boxes of treats cheap.  But I had no idea how cheap until we stopped at Winco on the way home from a soccer game last week and noticed they had them for 98-cents on a weekly special.


So we went back yesterday and scored 9 boxes at 3-cents each.
(I get 10 newspapers delivered to me every Sunday but for the life of me I couldn’t find the tenth coupon.)


Fred Meyer (and most Kroger stores) does a free item every Friday.  You just have to download it on to your store card each Friday.  I don’t shop here often, but I do load the free item each week and then go in to get several at a time.



I had a $2.50 Register Reward left over from my last Walgreens run, and it was going to expire today, so I went yesterday as there was nothing great in the ad to use it on today, and I wanted to conserve gas by not going for nothing great today and adding it to our errand run yesterday while we were out.

The Colgate mouthwash was 2 for $8, I used (2) $2 coupons which made it $4, then used the $2.50 Register Reward to pay, which made it $1.50 and then got a $4 Register Reward back.  Knowing that there was nothing great to use it on this week, I decided to take that $4 and buy something with it, so I bought 3 cans of Pringles as they were 3 for $5.  I had to add the candy and the bracelet as filler items so that I had more items than I had coupons.  My out of pocket on all this ended up being about $3.


I haven’t been in to Kohl’s for a while, and I guessed they missed me because they sent me a coupon for $10 off $10.


I got this $20 shirt, on sale for $11.99, for my daughter for only $2.11


It was time to cash in my Swagbucks for Amazon credits and place an order.
All this was completely free – (just for searching and shopping online via Swagbucks)
12 boxes of granola bars, a pack of Slim Jims, 12 cans of tomato soup, and a big box of Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal that I am going to try one of those overnight Crock Pot oatmeal recipes for.
I also got some sour gummi candy and some gum that I couldn’t photograph because I put it away for my daughter’s birthday next month.



On the way home we stopped at Starbucks for their half-price Frappuccinos this week.  I had promised the fam that if they were good and helpful, it would be a treat.  (We did all of our errands after baseball, so we were out and about for quite some time.)  I had $4 on my Starbucks app, and a $5 gift card that I had won at Daiso when we were in California last month.  The total was $8something and left me about 14-cents on my app.
Sidenote:  we tried the new s’more Frappuccino.  Not a fan.  It did not taste like a s’more at all.  Just tasted like sweet milk.  What is good however, is the tiramisu Frappuccino.  Try that.  You’re welcome.


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