Heart Bookmark.

Posted by Michelle on June 22nd, 2015 . Filed under: Design Team Work, Hazel & Ruby .

Happy Monday, Gang!

Toady I’m sharing a really easy and fun little bookmark.
Easy as in this takes minutes, and very few supplies:  chipboard, shaped punch, Hazel & Ruby’s DIY Decor Tape (I used Golden Dots), scissors, adhesive, and a paper clip.

HR Heart Bookmark 6 _ 05032015

I rolled out a piece of the DIY Decor Tape and pressed my chipboard down on to it.

HR Heart Bookmark 5 _ 05032015

And then trimmed off the excess.

HR Heart Bookmark 4 _ 05032015

And punched out hearts with my shaped punch.

HR Heart Bookmark 3 _ 05032015

You could hot glue the heart to the top of the paper clip, but I used a foam dot.

HR Heart Bookmark 1 _ 05032015

What a great little add-on when gifting a book!

HR Heart Bookmark 2 _ 05032015

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  1. Michele

    These are so easy and adorable! Great idea. Its been awhile, teaching 7th sucked away my life- ha! Gonna check out the other things I missed.

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