Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on August 15th, 2015 . Filed under: Couponing .

I got my coupon on last week.  It’d been a while – and it was fun!

My daughter and I went to Walmart for some school supplies, and I remembered that I had seen a Bic shaver coupon in the newspaper, so I cut it out (all 10 of them as I subscribe to the newspaper to receive 10 on Sunday).  The shavers sold for $2.82 at Walmart, I had a coupon for $3-off, so I got 18-cents overage x 10 = $1.80 going towards the rest of my order.


Fred Meyer/Kroger has a Free Friday Download where you load a free item to your store card every Friday.  These are the items I had on my card for the last 3 weeks, so we went and picked those up.  I have a recurring reminder on my Google calendar at the office reminding me to download the coupon every Friday.  I ain’t tryin’ to miss out on free, y’all.


Walgreens had 2 hot deals that I took advantage of.  Colgate toothpaste was on sale for $3.99, less the newspaper coupon for $2-off = $1.99, but then you get $2.50 back.  That’s a 51-cent moneymaker.


I took the $2.50 and used that to pay for Irish Spring body washes which were on sale 2 for $7, less (2) $2 newspaper coupons = $3 for 2 bottles.  Paid for with the $2.50 from the Colgate = 50-cents for 2 bottles of Irish Spring body wash.  And then I got $2 back from that which I used to pay for the next order of Colgate and kept going back and forth.  Almay makeup was on sale for $4.29, and there were $4-off coupons in the newspaper, so I bought 10 eye shadows for my mom for Christmas at 29-cents each.  The Papermate mechanical pencils were on sale for 29-cents and I used those as my filler item on each transaction as you have to have more items than coupons when you are paying with Register Rewards.  My son uses mechanical pencils, so that was perfect.


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