Adventures in couponing + a giveaway.

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Happy Sunday, Dolls!

I’m back on this rainy and cold fall Sunday with another coupon adventure to share with you all.  But pay attention because not only is there a recap, but there’s also a tip or 2 AND a giveaway.

We used to have this saying in college: if it’s free, it’s for me.  Mainly because college students, you know, we were broke.  So if there was a free meal somewhere, a free concert, free tickets to see the Giants even though you were an A’s fan, anything free we took advantage of – – right, Heather? 😉  That phrase has stuck with me after allll these years.  I’m all about the free.  If I can’t use it, or can’t gift it, it goes to the church pantry or the women’s shelter.  But, if it’s free, it’s for me.

One thing I do to score free is follow the coupon blogs.  There are some big ones out there like For The Mommas, Mojo Savings, and Hip2Save.  I am sure to check in on those as often as I can.  There you will find couponing match-ups for various stores, hot online deals and promo codes, and links to where you can score free goods.  It doesn’t take but a minute to click the link and go to the offer and type in your name and mailing address.  If you are worried about spam, I wouldn’t say I get more than the average person….although how would I know?  LOL  But it all goes to a spam folder so I never see it unless I check.

Sometimes – most of the time…OK, EVERY SINGLE DAY – I get something free in the mail.  About 90% of the time it’s free product: a pair of socks, a pack of stop smoking gum (my uncle for Christmas ;)), a tube of lotion, etc.  The other 10% is in coupons to go and get the free item.






Yup – all that was free for the takin’ right there.  Who’s gonna turn down free stuff? – raise your hand.

I got some more free stuff from my “normal” coupon adventures this week too.  We’ll start with my Walgreens deal.  Last weekend’s ad in the newspaper had these Nivea body washes for men 2/$5.  There was also a coupon in that same paper for $3 off any Nivea men’s body wash.  Hi, that’s free right there!  19 of ’em.  Oh and if you want to know how to get so many coupons: subscribe to your local newspaper for 5, frequent, beg/borrow/steal the extras from your friends and family, and then buy the rest on Ebay.


Then I went to see my sweet friends at Albertsons.  I really love my Albertsons crew.  Not a bad apple in the bushel.  The key with that is going to the same store on the same day at the same time – – ish.  You get to know them and they get to know you.  This week was a doublers week.  The Gain dishwashing detergent was $1.99 and I doubled (12) $1 off coupons….free.  The Mentos were $1.49 and I doubled (18) $1 off coupons…free again.  The Reach floss was $1.89 and it had peelies on the product for $1 off – hi, thanks for the unplanned free.  The toothbrushes and the toothbrush were on sale for $1 each – I doubled 75-cent off coupons and got them free too. 


More Albies freebies.  I had 55-cent off coupons for the Quick Cook pasta and they were on sale for $1 so doubling the 55-cents made them free.  The soy sauce was not on sale but it was priced at $1.69 and I had $1 off that I doubled to get those free.  And the Acini de Pepe was $1.69 doubled a $1 off coupon making them free.  Have you ever made that little Acini de Pepe salad?  Yum!


Alright – if you made it this far, you get a gold star.  AND a chance to score some free of your very own.  I’m all about the Pay it Forward.  So leave a comment here and I’ll be sending anyone in the US a lil’ freebie care package.  Blog about this lil’ giveaway and come back here and comment that you did and you’ll get an extra entry.  Contest closes next Saturday night and I’ll post the winner in my Sunday 10/31 couponing post…so be sure you come back then to see if you’re the winner winner chicken dinner!


18 Responses to Adventures in couponing + a giveaway.

  1. Heather

    Yep, if it’s free it’s for me. Girl, you know that hasn’t changed! LOL Always love seeing your savings. Half the fun of shopping is the hunt for the best deals. Way to go as always!

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  3. Lorraine

    Gah, another crazy coupon adventure! I’m going to start trying w/ the website advice you gave me. Thanks so much for the tips!

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  5. Vikki

    Your coupon experiences are inspiring for sure. I wasn’t aware that stores still doubled coupons!

  6. Connie Conlon

    Wow… I have been couponing now for a while but I’m not as good as you. Still have lots to learn. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  8. Ashley N Newell

    Ok, so you totally have me couponing. 🙂 Does that make you happy? It makes me happy. I will start signing up for more free things. I do love getting things in the mail.

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  10. Nancy L.

    i made a post about your post 🙂
    can’t believe how many things you can get for free!!! and so much you can save on!

  11. Jessica Wekenman

    Hi Michelle! I found your blog through a post on the PTI forums. I am such a sucker for freebies, too! For awhile I was getting something in the mail everyday, but that was before I started blog stalking! So, of course I had to sign up for a chance at your freebies! hehehe. I absolutely love your blog and your work! I wish you had an option to subscribe by email! Oh, and I am loving and amazed at these coupon deal you’re getting! You are a girl after my own heart!

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  13. Shelly C

    Holy SMOKES chicka!!! Look at all your free stuff. I have actually been following freebies for mom on facebook and got some free batteries a few weeks ago….but look at all that you got!!!! I am in for a free package! YOU ROCK!

  14. Shelly C

    and of course you are posted on my blog!!! 🙂

  15. Molly

    Michelle – as always you never cease to amaze me with allt he free stuff and the almost free stuff you find and get….I still cannot forget the image of all the Dr.Pepper the one trip!!!

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  17. Jasmine Luttrell

    I am in awe of your awesomeness! With 3 teens in the house i try to coupon as much as possible. I have a lot to learn from you 🙂 I’m putting your link on my blog. Thanks for the tips.

  18. Ryann Salamon

    I love your couponing posts. I don’t coupon (there is only 2 of us!) but I think I would like it! 🙂

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