Easy Crafty Birthday Gift Packaging.

Posted by Michelle on June 20th, 2017 . Filed under: Birthday, Design Team Work, Gift Packaging, Whisker Graphics .

Today I’m sharing some gift wrap for odd-size/shape gifts.
Up first are some mermaid necklaces for my niece.  I could not find my Whisker Graphics Little Bitty Bags to save my life, so I had to improvise.

Img_4184 copy

I took a Middy Bitty Bag in this fantastic navy and gold Casablanca pattern and cut it down a bit.

Img_4187 copy

I kinda felt bad about cutting it down and having half the bag go to waste, so I decided to die cut the word HAPPY to use on my tag with the remaining part of the bag.

Img_4189 copy

I wrapped my necklaces in some tissue paper, tucked them in to the bag, and then folded it down in sort of a pillowbox style.

Img_4191 copy

Img_4194 copy

I embellished a large white tag with my die cut HAPPY, some silver washi tape, and a little silver heart sticker.

Img_4196 copy

I adhered my tag to the front of the package and finished it off with some Silver Metallic Divine Twine.
(I had started this project out with Gold Metallic Divine Twine in mind and then somewhere along the way decided to pair silver with the gold on the bag and went a different direction.)

Img_4204 copy

My second gift is super easy.  It’s an iTunes gift card that I bought online and printed out to give as a gift.

Img_4206 copy

I easily and quickly embossed a large white tag with a fun party pattern.

Img_4209 copy

Img_4211 copy

And then I attached it to a Bigger Bitty Glassine Bag with a pretty clothespin, and it was ready to be presented.

Img_4214 copy

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