Crafty Christmas Gift Wrap.

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When it comes to Christmas – or any holiday, really – I try to deviate from the norm when it comes to gift wrapping.  Don’t get me wrong, I have just as many rolls of gift wrap and pre-made bows and gift bags as anyone else, but sometimes it’s fun to be different.  And it makes the gift feel a little more personal.

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Take this little gift for my son’s Godmother.  I put it in to this fun, red Casablanca bag, topped it with a tag that I made from a large white gift tag, a pre-made diecut, I busted out my old-school Dymo labeler for the name sticker, and then tied it off with some Gold Metallic Divine Twine.

Mari2 copy

I did pretty much the same thing with this gift for my cousin.  Only I used a Gold Metallic Bigger Bitty Bag.

Loretta 1 copy

Loretta 2 copy

I love these little gold clips.  I found them on back-to-school clearance literally years ago and I’ve been hoarding them ever since.  Finally put them to good use today 🙂

Loretta 3 copy

Here’s a gift for my aunt with the same pieces and techniques.

Gloria 1 copy

Gloria 2 copy

My husband has 4 aunts that live in Wisconsin.  They all get the same gift (but in different styles and colors).

Aunts 1 copy

I kept it simple stamping Aunt on a large white tag and putting a cardboard glitter sticker with their initial on it.  It’s clean, but sort of elegant too with all that gold and the bit of glitter.

Aunts 2 copy

When you order a cosmetic from Macy’s, they send you a little goody bag with free samples in it.  I’ve held on to the bags, and repurposed them for a couple of teen girls’ Christmas gifts making a simple tag and tying off with some fun Divine Twine to go with the colored tissue on the inside.

Macy Bag copy

I hope you have a beautiful, memorable, and delicious day!

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