Birthday Happy Mail.

Posted by Michelle on July 30th, 2018 . Filed under: Birthday, Design Team Work, Gift Packaging, Happy Mail, Whisker Graphics .

I’ve got some birthday happy mail to send out this month and wanted to crafty up my wrap a little bit.
Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics always make it super easy to do.

IMG_3609[311] copy

This first package I kept super simple. Summer colors, and a pretty clean look.
I attached a large colored tag, topped it with some diecut HAPPYs, and then finished it off with a button.
Easy peasy.

IMG_3691[329] copy

I went a little fancier on this next package.
IMG_3612[314] copy

I keep a paper bow template set in my craft drawer and decided to bring it out and use some gift wrap remnant to make a bow to top my package with.
IMG_3682[331] copy

IMG_3684[333] copy

IMG_3688[337] copy

Aren’t paper bows just the best?!
IMG_3690[339] copy

Here’s a shot of some crafty wrap I did for another birthday.
I used this super rad Casablanca bag, topped it with some tickets, another HAPPY diecut, a gold heart sticker, and a little wooden star.
IMG_3143[364] copy

Birthdays.  They are the BEST.

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