Birthdays are my Favorite.

Posted by Michelle on September 8th, 2018 . Filed under: Birthday, Design Team Work, Gift Packaging, Whisker Graphics .

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Birthday season for us ramps up in May and goes through October.  Which is perfect because then it gives way to the holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.  We had a family birthday at the beginning of this month and I craftpackaged all of her gifts.  Starting with some fun face masks packaged in a red polka dot Bigger Bitty Bag from Whisker Graphics.

IMG_4841[1011] copy

I simply adore the Casablanca pattern on these yellow Middy Bitty Bags.  It’s fancy, but you can still make it fun.

IMG_4842[1012] copy

A Gold Metallic Bigger Bitty Bag topped with a diecut, and a gold clip to go with.

IMG_4845[1015] copy

(I buy the big roll of tickets at the party store for like $5 and use it on craftpackaging all the time.)

IMG_4849[1019] copy

This notebook Middy Bitty Bag takes me back.
I have a Dymo labeler that I use for personalizing and it’s a natural pairing for the notebook pattern, don’t you think?

IMG_4857[1007] copy

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