Adventures in couponing + free giveaway winner.

Posted by Michelle on October 31st, 2010 . Filed under: Couponing, Giveaway .

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is kind of a dream for a free-scoring, couponing girl like myself as all you have to do is just go out and ask and are handed FREE candy; no coupons required – LOL

Alright – so since we all have candy to go score today, let’s get right to this week’s couponing steals & deals.

Olive oil…does it have to be THAT expensive?  Really?  Filippo Berio olive oil is regularly priced at $11.89 *gasp*  It was on sale for $5.99.  But I had $1 off coupons, doubled, making them $3.99 each.  Not quite a steal – but I think it’s as good of a deal as you’re gonna get on olive oil.  If you’ve got a better one, share with me!  Oh – there was a lil’ bonus to this deal too:  each bottle had a $1 off Ronzoni Heart Healthy pasta when you bought the oil.  They were $1.69, doubled that little $1 hangtag coupon and got those free.  So, for $3.99 I got a bottle of olive oil and a box of pasta! 


Nothing says fall like oatmeal for breakfast.  Quaker Oatmeal was regularly priced at $4.29 a box – madness.  They were on sale for $2.50.  I had $1 off coupons which I doubled so I got them for 50-cents a box.  A couple of them were on Bonus Buy for $1.50 which means they were free…cha-ching!


Cambell’s Soup is regularly priced at 89-cents each.  When did soup get so expensive?  They were on sale for 44-cents each.  I had coupons for $1 off (3) and this purchase was made on a non-doubler day.  But that’s OK – this is an example of you NOT needing to have a doublers program to score a deal.  Sale price plus regular coupons made these 11-cents a can.


And then I went over to Walmart.  Not a big fan of Walmart, but for a deal, I’ll hit it.  These packs of potatoes – were 42-cents each, I had coupons for 75-cents off (3) making them 17-cents each.  I’m all about convenience and 17-cents for a quick side dish for dinner, yeah, not passing that up.


And the winner of my FREE GIVEAWAY…a little package of things I have scored for FREE goes to:
Nancy – e-mail me your info and I’ll get a package sent your way.


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  1. Heather

    Congrats Nancy!
    That is an awesome deal for Olive Oil, and then to get some pasta to go w/it is icing on the cake!

  2. LorraineN

    Congrats Nancy! Those are great deals – olive oil, pasta & soup are staples with us. Oh and I guess you survived the camping trip, lol?

  3. Shelly C

    Look at you go girl! Congrats to the winner to!

  4. Nancy L.

    Yay, thanks so much!!!

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