About Me


I’m so lucky to be married to a fantastic guy who supports all of my crazy adventures, and beyond blessed to be the mother of two adorable little redheads.  I’m a working mom, but at the same time I strive to be Super Mom.  In my “spare time” you will find me and all my chubby cheeks plopped down at my craft table making cards, goodie bags for the kids’ parties, school, and church functions, and sending lots of happy mail.  I’m all about the heartfelt and handcrafted – but at the same time I’m all about the quick & easy.  I don’t have the time or the patience to make anything that takes longer than about a half an hour.

I’m also super super cheap frugal.  I don’t believe in spending money just because we have it.  While my husband and I both work full-time, I am mindful of the fact that either one (or both) of us could be unemployed tomorrow.  I am a master couponer, always on the lookout for the cheap or free to add to my family’s stockpile.


things I love

French macarons.
Wrapping paper.
Deborah Lippmann nail polish.
Whole Foods’ 365 Cherry Vanilla Creme soda.
Road trips.
Cupcake jimmies.
Pandora charms.

Here on my blog I hope to inspire you with my papercrafted creations, weekly coupon adventures and money-saving tips, and my silly tales.
Thanks for stopping by – please do comment as I love to interact and get to know my readers, and feel free contact me any time!