Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on July 29th, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Welcome welcome to another Sunday save day.  This week is all about the Walmart.  Starting with a miscellaneous trip on the last day of double coupons from the last round.  Typically I have my coupons and my big trip all planned out and then sometimes they are all out of an item, or I left some coupons on my desk or whatever so I have to go back and make a quick stop on the way home from work during the week.

So here we have 12-cent peaches, 10-cent green beans, free Dr. Pepper, free STP, $1.38 mayonnaise, and free nail polish.

028 copy

And then the next round of double coupons 2 weeks later….  88-cent milk, the last of the free Dr. Peppers and Welch’s juices (I am all out of these coupons now), and 28-cent Tropicana lemonades.

004 copy

Free Weight Watchers cheeses, 50-cent Dean’s dips, $1.88 butter, 98-cent ricotta, $1 Texas Toast (gonna make mini pizzas on these), $1.98 Lloyd’s tubs, $2.98 Lloyd’s ribs, and 93-cent Smucker’s Uncrustables.

008 copy

Hinode microwave rice – 6 of them were free, and the rest were 98-cents each.  Yes, I pay for convenience.  68-cent pearl rice for the rice cooker, and the taco shells were not the greatest deal in the world:  85-cents each after coupons and doublers, but I was thinking more dinners where we don’t have to use the oven.

015 copy

$1.18 Quaker cookies, free Pretzel Crisps, 78-cent Shredded Wheat, $1.98 South Beach bars, $1 bread, and free Milky Ways.

018 copy

This shot makes me laugh.  So I can buy a single glue stick for 10-cents, or I can buy a 2-pack for 50-cents.  Hmmm…

0715121405a copy

Yeah – so we went with the singles.  97-cent Garniers, BOGO Head & Shoulders, moneymaking Ivory and pads (they were $1.24 each, and they doubled my $1 coupons so I made $17.48 here), free nail polish, and $1.38 Bic Mark-its (first day of school gifts for the teachers).

020 copy

Free dressing, 38-cent barbecue sauce, mandarin oranges for 50-cents (not sure what the hell I was thinking, that is too much to pay for those), and free pectin (gonna try and make some easy jam).

024 copy

3 Responses to Adventures in Couponing.

  1. Dawn Easton

    Another great haul! I think I’m going to plan my next vacation to your house so you can show me how it’s done!!! Love it!

  2. LorraineN

    Yowza, another coupon-rockin’ week, Michelle!

  3. Charlene Austin

    You made me laugh saying 50 cents was too much for the mandarin oranges. If I found any canned goods for 50 cents I’d be thrilled. Oh and great idea to use the Texas Toast to make mini pizzas. I’m going to remember that.

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