Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on November 4th, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Happy Sunday – and welcome to another one of my coupon adventures.  This week we’re doubling coupons at the Walmart.  In my area, Walmart doubles when KMart and/or Albertsons double.  And with Walmart’s already low prices, there are some serious saves to be had when you have a coupon…and double it.

Jingos crackers were $2.58 – double $1 and they were 58-cents a box.  The Hormel snack trays were $5.98 but there were $3-off coupons out there that made these $2.98.  Great price for crackers, cheese and meat.  Good for sneaking in to football games too.  I mean not that anyone would do that, but if they did, that’d be awesome 😉  And the Ritz pack was 38-cents after doubled coupons.

014 copy

Totally free Uncle Ben’s rice cups, and the Minute rice was 50-cents.

016 copy

12-cents for hot dogs, 68-cents for Ragu and salsas, and the Spam was $1.48.  Spam is so expensive.  It’s just random parts and junk, right?  Or maybe that’s hot dogs.  But why so much?

021 copy

68-cent sugars.

024 copy

Free truffles, and 38-cent teas.

027 copy

Free creamer, 12-cent peaches, and 50-cent applesauce packs for the kids.

030 copy

$1.97 Cascade and Lever soap, and the rest was all free!

032 copy

3 Responses to Adventures in Couponing.

  1. Michele aka Derbylea

    Wow great deal on the sugar. And the meat/cheese packets. I need you to make a trip to CA and teach me your secrets- although I am fairly certain I am too lazy to make it work. 🙂 Love your library card card on the post below. so cute.

  2. Charlene Austin

    OK, I’m behind…once again on blogs. I literally just laughed out loud reading your descriptions of Spam and hotdogs. Lips and @ssholes. That’s what they are. But they taste so damn good! How is that even possible?

    I would literally run someone over to get to the White Chocolate coffee creamer IF we could get that in Canada. But we can’t. We are so ripped off in Canada.

    I’m watching last weeks’ X Factor right now (I’m a total night owl). I’m usually a week behind on that too. No real favourites come to mind. I like the Diva’s so Jason would be my favourite Diva of the group. Cabaret, or not, I like him. I also like the boys group and I can’t even believe it but I like the rap group. I think. Oh and about the hosts? X Factor should be ashamed. Those 2 pretty much make the show seem Canadian….totally second rate.

  3. Charlene Austin

    Well dammit! I just watched the episode that sent my diva, Jason, home.

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