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Happy Monday!
And what a happy Monday it is, indeed!  It’s the Monday that I can finally share with y’all that I will be designing for Hazel & Ruby.  Do you know my friends Hazel & Ruby?  Their products are at Michael’s and Craft Warehouse here.  But HERE is a list of a whole bunch of other stores they are in.  They are wrap paper, tissue paper, stencils, sequins, fat washi, and more!  Oh what’s not to love about FAT WASHI!  Ha ha.  You can check out their new product release HERE.  It’s gold – literally – doilies and polka dots, oh my!


So yeah.  Plan on seeing more Hazel & Ruby here on my blog – and on theirs.
If you’re new here, I’m a working mom who loves to play with paper.  Cardmaking is probably my number one, but I also do a lot of tags, goody bags, gift wrap, banners, and more.

I’ve actually got a little gift bag to share with you today that I made to give my husband an anniversary gift in.  I actually made it with the remnant pieces of another project that I made for our anniversary (it’ll be up on the Hazel & Ruby blog a week from today).  It features Hazel & Ruby’s Wrap it Up paper in Full of Heart.


A lil’ stamp on a silver foil doily.


Punch some hearts from vintage book print, and stitch on to the doily.


Lay it out and put it all together.


I can’t get enough of paper bows.  Just can’t stop making them.  Even more fun with gorgeous paper.





Now all I’ve got to do is drop his gift in, and we’re done!

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  1. Tiffany Ervin

    Wow! What awesome news!!! Whooooo….super happy for you and can’t wait to see all the goodies you make with their products!! Love! Darling little gift bag here, love the foil look on the doily!

  2. Jessie McLaughlin

    YAY Michelle!! That is so cool and exciting!!! Looking forwards to see all the cool products and your talent with them!! Love seeing all the bows you are doing recently!!

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