Cheap & Easy Back-to-School DIY.

Posted by Michelle on October 2nd, 2016 . Filed under: School, Whisker Graphics .


Today I’m sharing a quick, cheap, and easy back-to-school DIY project to help keep the kids on task. We have a lot going on with school, church, soccer, band, jobs, friends, etc. so I thought making them a little “whiteboard” to keep on their nightstands or wherever they want to put it would help them keep the important things top of mind.

I picked up (2) 4×6 picture frames from the dollar store, and a pack of dry erase markers; and pulled out (2) 5″ x 7.5″ Middy Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics.


I used the picture template from the frame to cut by Middy Bitty Bag down to size.


And then placed them in to the frame as I would a picture.



I used the notebook pattern for my daughter’s, and the purple horizontal stripe one for my son as his school colors are purple and black.


These cost $1.51 each to make.
Bag: 26-cents
Frame: $1
Pen: 25-cents
— $1.51 each!


Have a great week!

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  1. Terri Scott - terriavidreader

    Hey Lady, wanting to wish you a Happy Birthday a few days early. Hope it’s a good one!!

  2. Michelle

    Thank you, Miss Terri – how sweet of you to remember!

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