Vintage Blue.

Posted by Michelle on November 8th, 2011 . Filed under: Birthday, Cards, Design Team Work, Glitz Design .

This is my second post for today, be sure and scroll down for some Christmas goodness!

I’ve got to admit, I find blue to be a bit of a challenging color to work with.  Or maybe it’s just not one that I think of using very often?  I’m not sure why that is.  I have nothing against the color.  It’s quite pretty.  And oh-so vintage.  Like this sweet little Marie Antoinette image in this Vintage Blue Glitzer.  Takes me back to what seems like an imaginary time.  Oh the corsets and the hats and the bustling dresses.
Vintage Blue conjures up such dreamy images, don’t you think?!


And here’s a little 60th birthday card that I made for my beloved Godmother.
One of the most beautiful and most resilient women I have ever known; the way the pieces of this card came together to create what resemble her strength touches me greatly.

Je T’aime.
Glitz Design “Vintage Blue” Motif patterned paper, Giant Rhinestone, Epoxy Word and Glitzer

Glitz Design “Vintage Blue” Stripe & Rose patterned paper, Giant Rhinestone, Cardstock Stickers – Titles & Journaling and Epoxy Words


4 Responses to Vintage Blue.

  1. Karen Corbett

    Love the rich colours and textures of the papers, Michelle. The layering on the 60th birthday card really adds so much detail to the card. Just so striking!

  2. Anna Was

    I lvoe the rich color of the blues you used! I also love of course the numbers “60” My favorite dies! Great job!

  3. Marybeth L.

    Oh I love them both! That background paper on the first one is gorgeous! I love the way your able just put things together and they look so good together.

  4. LorraineN

    These are beautiful, Michelle! The rich blues are gorgeous! Cool layering on the 2nd one!

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