Adventures in couponing – the best yet.

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I typed up this post a few days ago and I have been giddy with excitement to share it with you ever since.  Is that lame?  Maybe – ha.  But today’s post hands down is the best yet.  And I can’t even imagine topping it, or the excitement that would come with.  So are you ready?  Fasten your seatbelts because this week’s Adventure is off-the-chain wild.

Alright – we’ll start in reverse order from gooder to bestest.  Yes, I know gooder isn’t a word but if I’m gonna be sayin’ the Walmart, gooder sort of goes with.  Bread and butter.  I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter tubs are regularly priced at $3.49 and on sale for $3.19.  My word what is this butter made of – gold?? – that’s expensive!  So I had $1 off coupons that I doubled at Albertsons which made them $1.19 each.  Not a bad price.  But the best part – I had a coupon for buy (2) and get up to $2 in free bread.  So I got (4) tubs of butter – which you won’t believe is not butter apparently – and (2) loaves of bread for $4.76.


Rhodes Rolls.  Apparently I have a lot of coupons for these because this picture looks like one I had a couple weeks ago.  Regular price on these was $2.99 – worth every penny – on sale for $2.50, doubled a dollar coupon and got these for 50-cents each (again).


It’s gettin’ better.  Chunky soup by Campbell’s.  Mmm mmm good.  Regular price on these is $2.99 – on sale for $1.25 – doubled 50-cent coupons and got these for 25-cents each.  A great stock up price because these are great for my husband and I to take to work for lunch…good amount of protein, low enough calories, and only spend a quarter on lunch – that’s mmm mmm good for sure!


Coffeemate creamer…which we don’t use.  But a girl I work with opens up her house to a marriage counseling thing from her church every Wednesday and she puts out the coffee and cookies out of her own pocket so I give these to her when I can get them for free.  $2.59 each – on sale for $2 – doubled $1 and they were free.


New Fiber Plus cereal.  Regular price on this is $4.69 – wowzers!  On sale for $2, doubled $1 and they were free.


Xtra laundry detergent.  Probably not the greatest detergent in the world, and I am brand-loyal to the detergents I use for us and the kiddies, but when it’s free, I’m takin’ it and using it on towels and tablecloths and rugs.  Regular price was $3.99 – on sale for $1.99, doubled $1 and they were free.


Alright.  Are you ready for the bestest of the gooders?  This is the bestest of the gooders ever.  Like in the history of everness.  And from the Walmart.  OK here we go.  Puperoni dog things (we don’t have a dog so I get these to give to my daughter’s teacher who does have a dog ) were $2.63, doubled a dollar and they were 63-cents each.  Idahoan potatoes – the kids love these and they are a total time saver – 42-cents each, doubled 75-cents off (3) coupons = free.  Mrs. Butterworth syrup was $2.46, doubled $1 and they were 46-cents each.  The boxes of rice were $2.22 and $2.32 each, doubled $1 and they were 22 and 32-cents each.  Then without coupons I got (4) gallons of milk, a Marie Callender’s peach cobbler (to go with the milk :)), some clearance croissants from the bakery, and a Reese’s that is not pictured 😉  How much do you think I paid for all this?  Wait for it…wait for it….


Did you hear me?  FIFTEEN CENTS.  My total after coupons and doublers was $23.65.  Then I used $23.50 in manufacturer’s coupons in the form of Register Rewards from Walgreens leaving me owing the Walmart 15-cents.  Now you see why I was so giddy to share this with you!


9 Responses to Adventures in couponing – the best yet.

  1. Molly

    Wow Michelle – I am still wondering how you have time to do it all – craft some awesomeness, coupon clip, and remember where all the sales are! You really are awesome if I do say so myself. Great job on it all and I love how you think of others AT ALL TIMES and share the wealth. You really are a good person.

  2. Ryann Salamon

    Holy Moly that is some serious savings!! Thank you for sharing! I just started (baby steps) couponing and can only dream of doing what you do!

  3. Nancy L.

    That’s so awesome!! I was just wondering if you used those coupons in Walmart and how you doubled them?
    Can’t wait to start saving like you 🙂

  4. Shelly C

    This is freaking AMAZING! .15 !!!!! WOW, WOW, WOW! To bad I dont live closer I would come snag some of that creamer…um um good! I love it when it gets cold here and I can have coffee all day long! 😉 Have a great Sunday!

  5. LorraineN

    GAH! Ya killing me again! 15 cents?! and 25 cents for the soups? and free detergent? the gooders are as good as the bestest. and you ARE the Queen of Couponing.

  6. Leigh Ann Baird

    Wowza! I love couponing vicarously through you! LOL

  7. Charlene Austin

    SCORE!!! Now that is the bestest of the gooders for sure! Love it.

  8. Connie Conlon

    LOOOVVVVVEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a score.

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